The Neighborhood

Settled in the historic neighborhood of Ypapanti, “La Maison De Marie Géraldine” is located in one of the most beautiful and interesting districts of Hydra.

Just 5  minutes from the port of the island, the most famous cosmopolitan location.

”La Maison De Marie Géraldine” enjoys a quiet location with rich cultural and historical interest.

La Maison De Marie Geraldine - Exterior
Lazaros Koundouriotis historical mansion

The first historical point of interest is the Church of Ypapanti.

This is where the name of this district comes from.

Built in 1780, is one of the oldest and most historic churches on the island.

This unique temple is located next to the mansion of L. Koundouriotis, which houses a branch of the Greek National Historical Museum.

The house of the painter P. Tetsi is located in the same neighborhood next to  “La Maison De Marie  Géraldine”. This  19th century Hydra house is open to the public. The building features the artist’s studio as well as a unique 19th century ground floor grocery / tavern intact to this  day.

Panayiotis Tetsis painting
Leonard Cohen

A little further on, we find Leonard Cohen’s house; this  building is a reference point of the modern world cultural heritage. The house of the famous poet, composer and singer ,whose life was  connected with the island Hydra, is the place where he worked on some of his  most famous creations.

“La Maison De  Marie  Géraldine” is located in the middle of this important cultural and historical center. An ideal location rich in history, art and culture.